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Publisher: Date:2014-07-25 View:1912

Diamond Sutra Makes You MightierThe Cutter

Essay Competition

Topic: Light up Wisdom, live an abundant life

Objective: Spread the essence of Mahayana Buddhism, and enhance young people's understanding of traditional culture and research

Description: Those who are enrolled in the Essay Competition may receive a free copy of Diamond Sutra makes you mightierThe Cutter. Use it as the main bibliography to write a 1000-2000 word post-reading essay, and submit it to World Youth Buddhist Society ( @ by November 10, 2013.

About "Diamond Sutra": "Diamond Sutra", also known as "Prajna three hundred Odes", was translated by Master Kumarajiva. The influence of the translation has been extremely broad in the Han field. There have been countless examples of practitioners reached enlightenment because of it", as well as ordinary people relying on it to ward off misfortunes.

First prize (bonus 2500 yuan), second prize (bonus 2000 yuan), third (bonus 1500 yuan), fourth prize (bonus 1000 yuan), fifth prize (bonus 500 yuan) and encouragement prize (prizes to be determined). The winners' names will be published on the website.






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