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With its long history of development, mankind is facing more and more problems and confusion. Today, with highly developed technological and material civilization, human hearts are facing more troubles and worries. Moreover, continuous occurrences of natural disasters are making humans aware of their limitations. Many people of insight have started to rethink the fate of mankind and become interested in the Buddhism.

As early as 2500 years ago, Sakyamuni Buddha's supreme wisdom already revealed us the truth of the universe and the meaning of life. WYBS and all of its supporting groups and caring individuals believe that the essence of Buddhism, Compassion and Wisdom, is not only the wisdom to solve troubles of modern people, but also the significance and value of life.

Sixth patriarch Huineng said: The Kingdom of Buddha is in this world, within which enlightenment is to be sought. Through the World Youth Buddhist Society Annual Conference and Traditional Cultural Research Projects, WYBS hopes to enhance young people's interest in the study of Buddhism. Its meaning is self-evident. The younger generation is the future of our society and they bear an important responsibility to the whole societys development. In this complicated age, if they understand some Buddhist insights, perhaps their whole lives will be benefited.

Over the past three years, WYBS has had a positive impact on many people. Looking ahead, it will continue to be compassionate and tolerant, commit to equality of various ideological and cultural exchanges, and lead young people to explore the truth and meaning of life regardless of religion and belief.







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